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She keeps thinking she’s going to retire, and never does! Our Executive Director is a woman who loves life and people, she's

an award winning educator and philanthropist, who sees our world’s children as the most vulnerable as Covid-19 flashes across the globe. Dedicated to supporting them through their artwork and their human rights,  she’s set forth to empower them.


With a kid’s sense of humor, a lifelong meditation practice and an education in Fine Art, Montessori Education, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Nonprofit Leadership she has decades of experience to back-up those worthy efforts. Yes, she always wanted to be a cowgirl!


Gina is a career healing artist who has provided award winning massage therapy for more than 22 years. CAE! ignites her passionate spirit to make the world a better place and to be the best person she may be.


She loves visual artistry, music, traveling and has a great gift of entrepreneurial thinking! Wherever she goes, her loving, fun spirit connects with others who soon become new friends.


Her intention with CAE! is not only to promote kids knowing their basic human rights, but also aims to inspire and empower children and their families worldwide.


Divya is a story creator & woman of many interests and abilities! Her joy for life and others touches everything she does. She believes people should have loads of tales, herself as well. She uses stories of love, sci-fi, politics, and even kids' fables to express ideas! Having a multicultural background she brings a wealth of ideas to CAE!

With experience in multiple large tech companies she's an innovator & challenger of status quo. We're  so lucky to have her on our Team. Her resourcefulness has led the way numerous times! Divya's energy encourages and includes everyone around her! She loves Iceland and spilling the beans on friends. Did she tell you Divyansh's dog's name yet?!


Catska is an artist and a visionary who has painted mastodons, frogs, alien creatures, and countless other things. Her work has been in magazines, on covers of books and even won some awards!  


When not drawing or painting, she likes to swim and skip rope and philosophize!

Once a horrible cook, she now can match master chefs with her fine vegan cuisine. Her favorite veggie is an artichoke.

On our team she helps with tech, big and small ideas, research and ....well, art!


Our Chairman of the Board is an entrepreneurial spirit who’s successfully led his independent award winning, sustainable building nonprofit for more than 30 years in both the U.S. Northwest and New Zealand.

A lover of cars and fast engines, the Dalai Lama and his teachings, Michael lives his life by this quote: “If you can, help others; if you can’t do that, at least do not harm them“.


As our Technical Advisor he gently and quietly does his best to unscramble our electronic messes! Often with a smile, he’ll tell some off the wall joke he remembers from a long time ago. How does he do that?


Divyansh is a quiet and observant person ready to respond with a smile and kind words. He thinks he should have been born a few decades earlier….or perhaps not given his love for gadgets and the Avengers series!


A geek who loves solving all kinds of problems related to technology, he’s a man who has both the intellectual fortitude and people skills to take on BIG IDEAS! He spends most of his time writing code for Microsoft and fiddles around with his camera when he’s not. An avid traveler, he loves Iceland more than any other country he’s visited.


Before coming to the United States, he was already keen on the thought of being part of a nonprofit where he could lend his skills and numerous abilities to the betterment of a mission he could get behind! Wow! are we at Children's Art Experience! lucky that he chose us! He cares deeply about the environment and is trying to find a way to contribute more to the world.


We couldn't do it without him being on The Team! And, he loves his dog Dennis.


Anastasiya (Stas'ka) is a professional dancer in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She teaches choreography and folk dance, and is deeply passionate about dance history and special movement elements unique to various cultures across the globe.


She loves to learn new things! An expert costume designer and an artist in her own right, Stas'ka is bright, charismatic personality who enjoys her work as a motivational fitness trainer, a blogger and a social media influencer.


Elena is an award winning art educator from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Her students have gone on to become artists and teachers all over the world. A co-founder of the Children's Art Exchange many years ago, she has dedicated her life to inspiring and encouraging children's creativity.

" When children from the earliest age are immersed in the creative atmosphere - singing, drawing, dancing, sculpting, playing, and are respected as individuals, as human beings with abilities and interests, their art, their life, and the world around them is uplifted."

In her spare time Elena writes her memoirs and paints portraits!


Ms. Jenn believes music has the power to move energy for positive change in the world. She is a genre re-defining artist stretching what a cello can be. She has had a diverse career in performance, film scoring, and in the education of the arts over the past 33 years.


She loves music, so much so, that she's had recurring dreams about playing cello, hearing sounds that she never made in real life. She would wake up with an amazing feeling of freedom and vitality.


Chasing that feeling of freedom, she created her unique style: Cello Soup.  She finds it rewarding to help others musically and will mentor kids through CAE! to sing a song and sing it loud!


Mr. David’s title is video editor, but what he really does is story telling. He believes the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and he knows how to make video images come to life. He has years of experience with major advertis-ing and broadcast projects at his  October Skies Productions. As a father of two girls, he knows how important kids are to our world’s future; so, he helps CAE! create YouTube art videos & helps kids  explore and tell their own stories.

David is also the fastest runner on the CAE! staff! He runs like the wind! No kidding! Going miles and miles every day, he’s worn out dozens of pairs of shoes running races like the Boston Marathon & St. Jude's Marathon  yearly raising funds for kids.

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