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Children's Art For Peace
​​An Idea Whose Time has Come



Children’s Art for Peace (CAP) has roots stretching back to the Cold War days of 1988 and the Seattle Tashkent Peace Park Project which saw more than 14,000 people come together and say, “Wait a minute, hold on, we have a better way of doing this!"


Indeed, the Seattle Tashkent Peace Park Project in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (just north of Afghanistan) did have a much better way of communicating. Through friendship and understanding of each other’s cultures, life changing experiences brought Uzbeks and Americans together.


(Learn more about our history here)

20 years later, with all the electronic advances that didn’t  exist in 1988 we continue to support children with our Children’s Art for Peace Program.

Most recently, eight classrooms of 12 year olds (four in New Zealand and four in the United States) got to know one another,  made friends and deepened their cultural understanding with the help of technology.

Reggae star Matisyahu blesses Children’s Art for Peace with these words: "I am honored that my music could help inspire young people to move in the direction of Peace and to teach empathy to others. Blessed Love, Matis"

See lyrics and a slide show made by American CAP! teacher Cheryl Ritzel accompany Matisyahu singing ‘One Day’. We bet you’ll love it!


One Day Lyrics

Symbolic images below are by New Zealand children who participated in one of the CAP Programs.

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