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UPDATE: March 1, 2021

The deadline for art submissions is past and no more submissions will be accepted.

(Midnight, Sunday, February 28, 2021)

Thank you to all the children who have submitted art entries. They are great! We are now in the process of judging the entries and will announce winners here on our website. Check back soon.

  1. Free to Every Child Everywhere on Our Planet!

  2. One Entry Per Child.  Please do not submit more than one entry, only the first entry will be judged.
    (Eligible Ages – 3 years to 18 years)  19 or older being an adult.


  3. Adults may Read and Explain about the Contest to children who cannot.

  4. No Adult Help with either Ideas or the Drawing or Painting of the Artwork.

  5. Any Collage must include materials produced only by the Child.

  6. All Submissions Must be Rectangular format
    and only 2 Dimensional artwork (like a flat surface).

8. All Original Art Must have written in lower right hand corner:
Child's First Name only and Age, as shown here >>>>

7. All Submissions must be digital copies of the artwork and sent electronically via a completed Submission Form on the CAE! Website and MUST include all the following:

 - Child's 1st Name

 - Child's Age Group
- Child's Parent's or Adult's First and Last Name
- Cell/Phone Number with Country Code
- Email Address
- Artwork Title

9. ALL Submissions meeting Artwork Criteria will be posted Online at Our Website in the order they were received.

10. All Decisions are Final and in Accord with the Board of Directors of Children's Art Experience! Nonprofit. CAE! and "Guardians of Earth" are not affiliated with any religious or political organizations.

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