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See Today, Solve the Future
What is a Guardian?
Here is a definition: A Defender, Protector, Keeper.
Example: A Guardian is a person who protects the Earth.
Draw a picture about our Earth and the Future. Here are 6 questions to help you think about what to draw:

1. Who are the Guardians of Earth and what do they look like?


2. Why is guarding life on Earth important and what are some smart tools to use?


3. What living things need protection?


4. What threatens our Earth? What are our problems?


5. What Super Powers might a Guardian of Earth have?


6. How can you be a better Guardian of Earth?

Have fun drawing and enjoy yourself!

Who are We, the Guardians of Earth?


We are You, Children & Youth, living right now in every country on our shared beautiful Earth. Together, joining hands around our planet, we are a big Family.


We share Life Together! This art program is for you to think about different important questions about being a Guardian of Earth. It is an Honor Bestowed on You.


Together as Guardians you have big energy, big power for positive change and big love for your future.

Read through every question carefully and think about them. Paint or Draw your Answer!


What pictures and ideas come to you? Think. Think. Think.

Today You are a Child, but tomorrow you will be an Adult.
Today Your eyes are open, and you are looking into the Future.
You can see what the problems are on our Planet, and YOU CAN IMAGINE SOLUTIONS!

Let your ideas shine through your art!


Lots of people need to know what you’re thinking and what ideas you may have that have never been expressed before. World leaders are some of those people, teachers and principals, your parents, your friends, your brothers and sisters too!

Questions we are asking are tough. And you yourself may have tough questions. You can offer answers, or ask questions through your art! Paint it. Draw it. The World wants to see it.

Go for it!

(See the Official Guidelines here.)

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