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Children’s Art Experience! is a 501(c)(3) U.S.-based nonprofit founded in 2010 in New Zealand by Spring Thomas as an educational service recognizing that All Children Everywhere have an innate need of self-expression. We advocate for All Children - Free to all Kids. Art is their natural language. Art empowers them!

Children are Young People who we know soon enough grow into Big People. Often, we adults lose track of this fact and forget the importance of children's formative years being healthy ones.

For five years (2010 - 2015) Children's Art Experience! worked in New Zealand, with under-served children, Maori in particular, recognizing the need for more opportunities for them in the arts. CAE! supported a wealth of inherent artistic talent and brought it to the public for recognition. Principals, teachers, families, and communities got behind our efforts and together we celebrated powerful achievements including creating the first Children's Art Gallery in the country.

Children’s Art Experience! came home to Washington State where we’ve relaunched our efforts and broadened our scope of service to All Children Everywhere.

With Covid-19 rampant across the world, we recognize children as the most vulnerable of all, given the world's condition, the disruption to their young lives in the face of frightening news, and parents who are deeply distraught. We support and empower children to think positively and to uniquely express their thoughts and ideas through artwork.



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